Technical Training for Students

Practical Training to Excel

Graduates from polytechnics (diploma colleges), engineering colleges and Industrial Technical Institutes (ITIs) must be exposed to industrial training and practices to become competent and employable. The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), which controls technical education in India, mandates compulsory industry training and exposure to industrial practices for students to qualify for their graduation.

TPSDI offers numerous short-term industrial skills courses to students from technical institutes which makes them employable. TPSDI's courses provides students with the industry knowledge and practices in the fields of Power Systems- Electrical and Mechanical, Power Systems- Transmission and Distribution, Green Energy- Solar, Wind, Hydros, and essential Safety practices.

At TPSDI, all technical courses offer a blend of knowledge sessions led by industry experts along with demonstrations and hands-on practice on various life-sized equipment as well as industrial practices.

TPSDI has been an industrial training partner to over 75 technical education institutes in India, which has contributed to a deep understanding of their requirements, academic and administrative ecosystem. The short-term courses offered by TPSDI are designed in accordance to AICTE requirements and bridge the gap between academia and industry, while providing the students a good understanding of the engineering skills needed by the industries.

Known for their industrial equipment infrastructure and hands-on training, all TPSDI's hubs are co-located with Tata Power's, power plants or big receiving stations and house substantial amount of equipment used in the power industry and are able to bring in engineering experts from the power plants and receiving stations to share their knowledge and expertise. TPSDI's technical courses boosts students learning and generates employable engineers and technical institute graduates.

TPSDI has made its courses more accessible through the TPSDI's Virtual Academy of Skills (TVAS), an online platform. TVAS provides a comprehensive understanding of industrial equipment and various operational and maintenance techniques, directly bringing TPSDI's expertise and experience to students. The virtual courses are especially beneficial for students who cannot travel to TPSDI locations. TPSDI has a reliable strategy and standard operating procedures for managing online training, addressing challenges like coordinating with students remotely and overcoming infrastructure limitations such as poor internet connections and low bandwidth. This ensures high levels of student engagement and training effectiveness.

Additionally, TPSDI offers hybrid courses that allow students to complete theoretical sessions online and then receive hands-on training at the nearest TPSDI hub, leveraging TPSDI's extensive industrial experience and infrastructure.

All TPSDI's technical courses follow the proven 3P&E skill development methodology - Prepare, Practice, Perform, and Excel, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

TPSDI's technical training program is designed to ensure that students acquire the necessary industrial knowledge, skills, and practices. As a part of the technical training, students are put through baseline tests (pre-training assessment), continuous assessment for skills and final summative assessment. Those who meet the assessment criteria are awarded a TPSDI certificate.

Our courses are a perfect blend of classroom and industrial skills demonstrations, and we emphasize assessment and certification to ensure that our trainees are well-equipped to handle the challenges of the industry.