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A Leader in Power Generation

TPSDI is proud to be a part of Tata Power, one of India's leading Power Generation Company. Tata Power with its subsidiaries and joint entities, is present across the entire power value chain of conventional & renewable energy and is one of India's largest integrated power companies. The company has deep expertise and experience in managing all kinds of power generation - hydro power, thermal, wind, and solar energy.

Tata Power enjoys an unrivalled legacy of over 100-years in electricity production. The company is known for regularly upgrading its state-of-art thermal and hydro plants.

Diversified Energy Generation

Thermal Power Generation

The company has thermal power plants located across Trombay in Mumbai, Jamshedpur, Maithon and Jojobera in Jharkhand, Haldia in West Bengal, Kalinganagar in Odisha, Mundra in Gujarat and Prayagraj in Allahabad. Tata Power generates about 9032.5 MW from its thermal power plants. Its 4000 MW thermal power plant at Mundra is India's most energy efficient thermal plant and the first in India using supercritical technology. Maithon Power Limited (MPL), a joint venture with DVC, has implemented 1050 MW coal-based thermal power plant. This project is India's first 525 MW thermal power plant using subcritical technology. The company also has Waste Heat Recovery plants generating 240 MW of electricity, contributing vastly to its diverse energy portfolio.

Wind Power Generation

Tata Power has an installed capacity of 982 MW wind power generation and has a portfolio of more than 11.5 GWp of ground-mount utility-scale, over 1.7 GW of rooftop and distributed ground-mounted systems, and over 1 Lakh solar water pumps in India till date. It has a strong portfolio of 3,136 MW solar generation capacity. TP Renewable Microgrid in partnership with The Rockfeller Foundation is anticipated rollout of 10,000 grids.

Training for Excellence in the field of Power Generation

TPSDI leverages on the strong and growing expertise and experience of Tata Power to provide comprehensive training and education in the fields of thermal power, hydropower, solar energy, and wind energy. TPSDI is committed to equipping energy professionals and students looking to make a career in the power sector with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in the evolving world of power generation.

TPSDI's modernized courses encompass a range of energy sources, preparing individuals to address future energy challenges and contribute to a greener, more sustainable world.

Learn from the Experts

TPSDI has extensive expertise and can train people in both electrical and mechanical aspects of a thermal power plant.

TPSDI's training covers operation and maintenance of thermal power plants. The training can help in day-to-day operations and in optimising performance parameters like heat rate, availability, O&M cost, auxiliary consumption, and spares management. TPSDI has the expertise to train in various technologies and systems of a thermal power plant such as boiler, turbine, auxiliaries, ash handling, flue-gas desulfurization plant (FGD), etc. TPSDI has trained staff from Liberia Electricity Corporation in the operation and maintenance of thermal power plants.

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TPSDI has also designed and developed courseware for the upcoming fields related to generation like energy storage systems such as pumped storage for hydros and battery storage systems. TPSDI has course offerings on using solar PV generation for electric vehicle (EV) charging and has recently launched a course on using green hydrogen.

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