Green Energy

Green Energy, Clean Energy

India, today and for the foreseeable future, needs to rapidly scale up green energy training. Tata Power is swiftly evolving into a predominantly green energy company. TPSDI, in sync with its parent company and the global trend, is expanding its offerings to provide thorough training in green energy.

Green Energy - Reshaping India

Green energy is reshaping India in different ways. Green energy training in India is essential to support the transition to cleaner energy sources, create jobs, and drive economic growth, and address environmental and energy security challenges. It is a crucial step in building a sustainable and resilient energy future for the country.

In line with this vision, Tata Power and TPSDI are playing an active role in promoting sustainability and embracing the belief that "Sustainable is Attainable."

Comprehensive Training in Green Energy

TPSDI offers an extensive range of courses in green energy and is a key partner of the Skill Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ).

Within its green energy curriculum, TPSDI offers specialized training in solar, hydro, and wind energy. In the realm of solar energy, TPSDI provides a diverse range of courses tailored to various audiences, including professionals and students aspiring to acquire the skillset for green jobs.
These courses cover fundamental solar photovoltaic (PV) concepts, as well as hands-on training in PV system installation, commissioning, and operations and maintenance. Moreover, TPSDI offers courses in solar PV system design and provides training in troubleshooting, performance analysis, and financial payback calculations.
TPSDI's commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging trends in the green energy sector is evident through its courses on innovative topics such as utilizing solar PV for electric vehicle (EV) charging, green hydrogen production, and micro grid technologies

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