TPSDI Virtual Academy of Skills (TVAS)

The TPSDI Virtual Academy of Skills (TVAS) is the online or virtual training extension of the Tata Power Skill Development Institute. It delivers remote training solutions, making it an invaluable and cost-effective tool for people who want to learn new skills or upgrade their knowledge but find it difficult to travel to TPSDI's centres. Over the years, it has become a potent medium for teaching people who need to "know" the skills and procedures rather than putting them into practice themselves. In addition, this platform has proved to be highly effective for delivering large-scale, technical "awareness" sessions and non-technical training within a short period of time.

TPSDI has implemented TVAS in two modes:

TVAS courses have proven to be beneficial to many learners. They are an attractive option for corporate entities and colleges seeking efficient training avenues or delivering training quickly on a large scale. TVAS exemplifies TPSDI's commitment to fostering practical and accessible learning opportunities.