Training Methodology

TPSDI's 3P&E Training Methodology

At TPSDI, we utilise a comprehensive and structured training methodology called "3P&E" to ensure that trainees develop their skills thoroughly. It's important to note that the 3Ps are not sequential; instead, trainees go through each phase multiple times during their training program.


This features instructor-led training complemented with videos, e-Learning, and other multimedia. Learners "Prepare" by first building a robust foundation of fundamental knowledge. The focus is on acquiring knowledge.


Practical and hands-on experience are the focus and equipment, instrument, and process demonstrations, along with workshops, on-field sessions, and working with simulators enhance the knowledge with into tangible skills through repeated "Practice". Active engagement with tools, equipment, and scenarios allows learners to refine the skills acquired during the preparatory phase.


Skill application. Independent hands-on assignments, assessments, tests, and skill demonstrations by learners' show how well they can "Perform" based on their preparation and practice.


Trainees "Excel" only if they successfully complete practical "hands-on" skill tests and a test of knowledge as per TPSDI's stringent certification norms. A trainee excels only with a combination of knowledge and skills which is the thrust of TPSDI's training. Only trainees who Excel receive TPSDI certification.

TPSDI's 3P&E encourages people to gain experience and come back to TPSDI to move up the skill levels in their field.
By combining a strong foundation of knowledge with practical implementation, TPSDI's 3P&E methodology optimizes skill acquisition and retention - an approach which enables learners to excel in real-world and the industry.