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"We will integrate environmental and social principles in our businesses, ensuring that what comes from the people goes back to the people many times over."
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TPSDI- High-impact skills training for communities

Skill Development is an essential for empowering today's youth and securing their future. However, a sizable number of young Indians lack the essential skills needed for securing employment.

CSR functions of various corporates can collaborate with TPSDI to offer these skilling opportunities to their communities. image

Communities with
Enhanced Skills

TPSDI is providing high-impact skills training that will secure trainees employability and entrepreneurship opportunities in green energy, especially in solar, and in various skills that are crucial in the power and allied sectors.

Skills such as those needed to install, operate, and maintain various power systems, work with transmission lines and cables, other energy equipment, and wiring skills are much in demand by contractors servicing the burgeoning power sector. Any of TPSDI's portfolio of courses, both technical and those in the domain of "soft skills" can be leveraged as a CSR strategy by organisations to make an impact in the society.

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TPSDI-Key contributor to
Tata Power's CSR strategy

TPSDI's expertise in providing such a training service is built on the immense experience in philanthropic activities carried out by the
Tata Group and Tata Power in particular.

TPSDI has also worked with companies outside the Tata Group, enabling them to make a positive impact in their
communities and enhance their brand reputation.

Corporates can outsource their CSR training strategy to TPSDI and reap the benefits of a advantageous arrangement that will positively enhance the skills of their beneficiaries and the reputation of the company.