Non-Tech Training for Students

Making Students Future-ready

TPSDI's training programs allow students to prepare faster for job hunting or establishing their own businesses. These programs cover a wide range of skills, from making great resumes and doing well in interviews to presenting themselves according to industry standards.

When college students are preparing to enter the workforce, it's important that they have skills in three areas:

TPSDI also offers a foundational entrepreneurship program that teaches the fundamentals of starting and operating a business to the students enrolled in the program.

In today's industry, new hires must demonstrate various professional skills. At TPSDI, we understand the importance of equipping our students with the necessary tools to succeed. Our courses prepare students with essential skills such as working in teams, collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving, business communication including professional written communication, and organizing and managing productive meetings.

Globalisation, rapid technological advancements and the resultant changing industry requirements requires students to be adaptable and stay relevant with the evolving needs of the industry. Therefore, it's essential for students to develop soft skills that will future-proof their careers. They need to be adaptable, willing to learn, and ready to embrace change throughout their lives to remain relevant in an ever-changing job landscape. At TPSDI we offer courses which equip students with tools to confidently navigate this unfolding work landscape.

TPSDI's soft-skills courses help college students join the workforce with confidence and have skills that will enable them to thrive and remain relevant in their careers.