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TPSDI trains "Ethiopian Electric Utility" Employees on Power Distribution S/s program for USEA-USAID

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Ethiopian Electric Utility Employees with TPSDI trainers

The training program on Distribution Substation – Operation and Maintenance for Ethiopian Electric Utility Employees was conducted by Tata Power – TPSDI for USAID - USEA - POWER AFRICA for 5 days from 9th Oct 2017 to 13th Oct 2017 at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The training focused on the maintenance and testing requirements for common substation devices, including Power Transformers, Current Transformers (CT) and Potential Transformers (PT), Oil, Air and Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Switchgear, Ground Grid Systems, Batteries, Chargers, Insulating Liquids, Arrestors, Capacitors, Regulators, and Protection Systems. At the end of the course, the participants were expected to be able to demonstrate understanding and working knowledge of common substation devices, established safety procedures, and best practices in operating and maintaining the equipment.

TPSDI undertook analysis of the training needs, and custom built the curriculum, training manuals, pre- and post-training self-assessment instruments, assessments and training feedback instruments for the course and Training Evaluation Report.

The course was delivered by five expert trainers from TPSDI who had well-rounded experience in the Power Sector.

48 trainees from varied age group and experience level attended the training program.

Impact of the Training Program:

  • The training feedback was more than 4/5 for all assessed parameters

  • The "Delta Gain" of knowledge and skills for the course stood at 30%

  • The self-assessment of proficiency level showed a marked shift from "I am aware of the training item" to "I am able to analyze and arrive at required alternatives in case of operational issues"

Feedback from Senior Programme Coordinator - USEA, USAID

"I have nothing but praise for your team, but I would like to highlight a few particular moments. I was very impressed with their professionalism and qualifications (…) it was obvious to me that they really knew what they were talking about, both in theory – in the classroom, but also in practice – when we spent time at a substation"
 - Marina Barnett (Senior Programme Coordinator - USEA, USAID)

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