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TPSDI takes steps to bridge the Industry Academia Gap

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TPSDI Chief - Mr. C.N. Nagakumar addressing Engineering Students

More than 60% of the eight lakh engineers graduating from technical institutions across the country every year remain unemployed... - (Times of India, March 18, 2017)

• Less than 1% of engineering students participate in summer internships... - (Times of India, March 18, 2017)

• 20% of diploma holders are employable, but do not find jobs... - (Economic Times, August 26, 2016)

• Diploma holders are being ignored by the Industry... - (The Hindu, August 31, 2016)

• Only 7% engineering graduates employable... - (India Today, July 13, 2016)

The Indian Economy is one of the fastest growing economies of the world, as result of which, the demand for skilled workforce in various sectors is growing at a tremendous rate. However, the shortage of industry-ready and appropriately skilled workforce is a significant challenge to India's growth ambitions. The technical institutions in the country produce a very large number of technically qualified youth every year, but the issue of their employability remains a concern and this gap between the demand and supply is widening each year. One of the major contributors to the problem of low employability of engineering graduates and diploma holders is the lack of skill education as part of curriculum.

An approach to tackle the problem of lacking job readiness amongst technical graduates is partnerships between the industry and academia.

As a timely response to this challenge, The Tata Power Skill Development Institute (TPSDI), has stepped forward to offer employability skill programs for students of engineering degree and diploma colleges.

The training for students of engineering degree and diploma colleges is aimed at connecting the academic knowledge of the students to skills required to work in the Power and Allied Industries, thereby addressing the skill gap between what Industry demands and what the academia pursues.

However, launching courses for engineering students is only one part of the solution. These courses also have to be taken to the beneficiaries on a large scale and for this TPSDI has begun a campaign to promote such courses in engineering campuses. While the Principals of various Training Centers are engaging with colleges on a local level, the Headquarter team is participating in Industry-Academia meets and building the necessary awareness regarding the issue of Industry-Academia skill gap and the need for Industry training of engineering students.

Mr. C. N. Nagakumar, Chief - TPSDI, recently represented TPSDI and Tata Power in two important Industry-Academia meets at Mumbai -

The first event was held at the Thakur College of Engineering at Mumbai. Representatives including Training and Placment officers and faculty from around 50 colleges attended the event. During the event, Mr. C. N. Nagakumar gave a presentation on the topic - "Opportunities and Career Growth in Power Sector" and shared with the audience how TPSDI can help build required competencies of engineering students in a modular manner. The presentation was followed with discussion with Regional Director - BOAT and Principal - TCET and they showed eagerness to work with TPSDI for skilling students. In the later part, Mr. S. M. Tole, Head - TRU - TPSDI Trombay participated in a panel discussion on placement of engineers in core industry.

The second event was held at the Theem College of Engineering, also at Mumbai. The participants included several startups, corporates and educational institutes. Mr. C. N. Nagakumar gave a presentation on the subject of skill development for engineering students. The presentation was very well received.

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