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TPSDI Commissions Three More Unique Life-Size Working Models

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Some months back, we shared the news oflaunch of two Unique Life-size Working Training Models at TPSDI Shahad - the '22 KV Substation simulated with 24volts', and the 'Overhead Distribution Line simulated with 24 volts'. We arehappy to share, that in almost immediate succession to these developments,TPSDI has raised the bar even further by commissioning three more unique working models at TPSDI Shahad:

1.   Siemens make 33KV Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker:

This medium sized Vacuum Circuit Breaker is TPSDI's first Outdoor VCB which has been made operationalwith the purpose of providing trainees of Power Systems courses hands-onexperience in operation, maintenance and trouble shooting of this variety of Circuit Breakers.

2.   Remote operation of 22KV Voltas Circuit Breaker from Control Panel:

One of the four circuit breakers in 22KV Switchyard has been made electrically operational and has been connected to a Control panel, through which it can be opened or closed. This providesa simulation of any operational substation. This will enable effective demonstration of breaker functions and troubles hooting to the students of Power Systems courses.

3.   11KV CGL Switch Gear with Vacuum Type Breaker:

This has been made operational with rack-in-rack-out operations of breaker in switchgear compartment as well as open/close operations of the breaker. This too will provide exposure to real life activities in a substation, especially to the trainees of Power Systems batches.

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