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Unique Life-size Working Training Models Activated at TPSDI Shahad

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TPSDI works with the vision of creating best in class training facilities and has already raised the bar for training facilities and infrastructure in the power sector by establishing four State-of-the-Art Training Hubs. The training hubs are not only equipped with modern labs and workshops, but boast of unique Life-size field training installations like Transmission Towers, Distribution Lines, Solar Training Set-ups, etc.

Two recent developments in this direction are - 22 KV Substation using 24 volts to provide real-life working simulation and a live operation of Overhead Distribution Line using 24 volts power input at TPSDI - Shahad. With the help of these working simulations, trainees will get valuable live exposure to the equipment under perfectly safe working conditions. These unique model will prepare trainees for real work situations.

Practice on live Substation (24V):

- Automated Power Flow Simulation of 22KV Switch yard is done by using safe voltage of 24V
- Helps trainees understand the functioning of equipment as well as power flow from 22 KV incomer to 440 or 230V Feeder Pillar with the help of 24V lamp
- Output voltage can be seen with the help of lamps mounted on the equipment at specific spots signifying various steps of process and operations
- Output voltage can also be measured at feeder pillar end

Practice on Overhead Line Operations (24V):

- Distribution Line is charged by safe 24V supply
- On the Distribution Line, poles are fed by 24V separate R,Y,B phase supply, similar to actual conditions - lamps are installed on the poles
- Trainees get hands-on experience of working on live overhead line and troubleshooting faults on overhead line circuits like open circuits, shot circuit, blown fuse, lamp replacement/fittings etc.

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