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Transmission Lines - Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance bACK

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to carry out route survey for construction of transmission lines.
  • Understanding the process of statutory approvals, land acquisition.
  • Knowledge of selection criteria for contractors and for awarding contracts.
  • Ability to implement site specific solutions for foundations and installation of towers and lines.
  • Knowledge on Design features of towers, lines and Selection of conductors, insulators and associated hardware.
  • Knowledge on Construction practices for towers and stringing of lines including safety aspects.
  • Ability to undertake best O&M practices for transmission lines.

Note: TPSDI reserves the right to cancel or reschedule training at any time

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  • Personnel from Power Utilities, Power Generation, transmission companies & industries and Consultants responsible for engineering, commissioning, operation and Maintenance of Power transmission lines.
  • Overview of power transmission system including types of transmission system - voltage level wise / technology wise (HVDC, HVAC).
  • Relevant Legislations, Standards, Policies and Procedures followed for necessary approvals.
  • Route Survey, Plan and Profile drawing, Layout Plans.
  • Types of Towers and its specifications.
  • Conductors, Insulators and associated hardware and its specifications.
  • Preparation of Estimates and Bill of Material.
  • Material procurement, storage and preservation.
  • Tower foundation - Design, Excavation, template for stub configuration concreating and curing.
  • Erection of Tower including Earthing and safety practices.
  • Stringing of transmission line, sagging and tensioning including safety practices.
  • Pre-commissioning checks and quality assurance.
  • Maintenance of Towers and Lines - Inspection, monitoring, preventive and breakdown maintenance.
  • Stringing, jointing, termination and maintenance of OPGW.
  • Discussion of case studies.
32 hours spread over 4 days