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SCADA for Transmission System Operation bACK

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the Concepts of SCADA.
  • Knowledge of design aspects of SCADA System.
  • Ability to prepare specifications.
  • Knowledge of operational features – Reading Mimics, Alarms, Interlocks.
  • Ability to interpret the data and analyze.
  • Ability to undertake basic troubleshooting of SCADA System.

Note: TPSDI reserves the right to cancel or reschedule training at any time

TPSDI Mundra

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TPSDI Shahad

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TPSDI Jojobera

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TPSDI Maithon

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TPSDI Trombay

  • To be announced

  • Personnel from Power Utilities, Power Generation, transmission companies & industries and Consultants responsible for engineering, commissioning, operation and Maintenance of EHV Substations
  • Introduction to SCADA
  • Design of SCADA System
  • Hardware components of SCADA
  • Features & Functionalities
  • Security principles in SCADA.
  • Unified SCADA and its building principles.
  • Quality control while implementing SCADA.
  • Operator Training Simulator and different scenarios as per real time experiences.
  • Do's and Don’ts of SCADA,
  • Troubleshooting of SCADA
  • Challenges in Automation.
  • Maintenance and Commissioning practices of SCADA.
  • Site visit, demonstration and hands-on training of SCADA.
32 hours spread over 4 days