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Innovation@TPSDI - HHAT

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TPSDIhad carried out an analysis of its learner profile which had revealed thatroughly 18% of its trainees were illiterate, 13% were less than 8thpass, and 14% were less than 10th pass (Overall 45% were less than10th pass). Furthermore, a study carried out by a reputed agency ata national level had pointed out that a significant percentage of those whowere less than 10th pass could not even read Std. II level text.

Thisposed a significant barrier in efforts to assess the knowledge levels of the traineesbefore and after the programmes, as the paper and pen method was not viable forsuch cases.

Toovercome this problem, TPSDI adopted a unique method for administering testsand collecting feedback from the trainees.

TheHand Held Assessment Tool (HHAT) is an Audience Response System, similar towhich was used in popular television show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC). It hasbeen adapted for carrying out tests and surveys at TPSDI.

  • The learners are provided with a small and simple remote device, which captures their response and computes the results instantaneously.
  • The questions and options are read out to them either in Hindi or the Language that all trainees are most comfortable with.

Some of the mainadvantages and results of HHAT are:

ü EnablesTPSDI to reach out to a large audience more effectively

ü Savestime and energy spent on manually organizing, checking and storing testresponses

ü FasterTAT for results

ü Eliminatespossibilities of manual error in correction

ü Eliminatespossibilities of academic malpractice (cheating/copying)

ü Enablesstandardization of tests through analysis of responses/answers

ü Providesall the above benefits for the purpose of carrying out feedback surveys

ü Savesover 350 kgs of paper each year

ü Morewhole-hearted participation by trainees as the tool is extremely user friendly andless intimidating than traditional tests

ü Betterutilization of Human Resources as it eliminates the laborious and timeconsuming paper checking

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