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Learning Outcomes

  • Understand solar power
  • Understand measurements of solar power and the instruments used to measure the solar power
  • Understand basics of PV systems
  • Understand the working of a solar module
  • Work with PV batteries
  • Understand solar charge collectors
  • Understand technical details of various types of inverters used in PV systems
  • Select the appropriate PV connector
  • Understand safety hazards and the safety precautions to be followed in solar
  • Determine the correct position for installing a PV system at a site
  • Install a PV system
  • Troubleshoot a PV system
  • Clean and Maintain the PV Installations
  • Understand solar home and street lighting systems

Note: TPSDI reserves the right to cancel or reschedule training at any time

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TPSDI Shahad

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TPSDI Jojobera

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TPSDI Trombay

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TPSDI Maithon

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  • ITI Qualified/Pursuing
  • Introduction to Solar Terminology, Solar Power Calculations and Measurements
  • Introduction to PV Systems: Solar photovoltaic effect, PV Systems, Components of a PV system, Types of PV systems
  • Solar Cell and Module
  • Working with the PV Batteries
  • Solar Collectors: Role and types of Solar charge collectors
  • Inverters for PV Systems
  • PV Connectors: MC4 connector, Types and features of PV connectors, Selecting the appropriate
  • PV connector
  • Safety: Personal protective equipment (PPE), Material handling, Electrical safety hazards, Lifting of heavy items, Working safely at heights
  • Site Survey: Shadow-mapping tool, Estimate solar energy at a site, Identify shadow-free area,
  • Analyse effect of sun movement, Identify south direction, Parameters affecting incident energy
  • Installing a PV system: Identify area and Installation Sequence, Effects of improper mounting,
  • Test connections, Effect of dust on energy generation, Installation errors
  • Troubleshooting PV Installation
  • Cleaning of PV Systems and Preventive Maintenance
  • Solar Home and Street Lighting - Installation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
32 hours spread over 4 days